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Using high end 3D printing techniques, we have been busy creating scale models and testing various structural/material areas ruthlessly.

Metal components, hard/soft/flexible plastics, foams and other materials make up our product, so the rigorous testing is invaluable.

Having learnt immensely from our early version AgileVR, we hope to make this product stronger, easier to use and potentially customisable.

Make sure to keep an eye on our social media feeds for current updates on the prototyping process.


Our software is being updated to suit the needs of our new module and as well as compatibility for even more headsets and games, we are looking at the development of an SDK for game developers and enthusiasts around the world. We can’t wait to see what people will contribute!


Using the early version firmware as a solid base, the updated firmware has been further upgraded. Adding Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for data transfer is the first major step, giving amazing wireless capabilities. This means if paired with a wireless headset, full body immersion remains untethered.

We have also added OTA DFU (Over the Air Device Firmware Update) allowing any future updates to be done without having to plug in.

The firmware has been designed with modularity in mind. This means when we come to develop future devices E.g. Ankles or elbows, the firmware will only need minimal adjustment.

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