About Mechatech

We are now building prototype exoskeletons in our laboratory with plans to release our first products very soon.

Meet Rob Bloomfield

Robert Bloomfield is the founder of Mechatech and has been interested in Exoskeletons for over 20 years.

He gained a Business Degree from Salford University, and The University of Toledo, and worked briefly for Sir Clive Sinclair. He then qualified as a chartered accountant at one of the big firms.

He setup a successful Internet mail order business in 2003, and in 2013 he setup Mechatech to pursue his interest in exoskeletons.

He obtained a Masters By Research in Engineering from the University of Leeds and made a prototype exoskeleton. Besides robotics, he likes cooking, lego, origami, the outdoors and the occasional beer.

Meet the team

Mechatech has a dedicated team of engineers with a wide variety of skills, including electronics, mechanical, manufacturing, control and networking.

We work with world class subcontractors for specialised engineering and design. We have worked with several universities and have supervised dozens of students in their undergraduate and graduate projects.

We encourage all team members to work to the best of their abilities, and we develop people within our company and projects.

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