In particular, from a technological standpoint, an exoskeleton requires incredibly accurate sensing, super-fast communication of data, and precisely controlled actuators. To facilitate the success of such demands, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the frame design allows totally unimpeded movement.

Exoskeleton Robotics

Our exoskeleton frame design allows a system to be developed for the full body, split into modules. The modules are very stiff, and allow adjustment to fit different people. The modules can be interchanged to build different systems depending on the application.

Sensing Movement

A key proposition of our work is the deep understanding of human anatomy and movement. We have thus based our work on a very anthropomorphic (human-like) approach. We use highly accurate sensors, and a variety of sensors, to feedback to the control system the exact position and forces involved in the exoskeleton.

Intelligent Control

We have several levels of control implemented in our prototypes, from low level actuator control, to higher level interpretation of human movements. We have built an extremely fast custom network to allow two way communication with local nodes processing some information and a central node communicating higher level commands to the whole system.


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