Our Modular Robotic Exoskeleton System has a wide variety of applications; some outlined below.

Virtual Reality, AR and XR

Virtual Reality has been transformed by technology in recent years from a low resolution dream to a high fidelity headset based experience. This experience is missing many elements, one of which is full body immersion, a feeling of disassociation occurs between what the eyes are seeing and the body is doing or experiencing. Mechatech Exoskeletons can provide that two-way interaction and allow immersion in the virtual world. AR and XR can miss accurate tracking devices when used outside of a camera-tracked environment. Exoskeleton based solutions can solve this problem.


Games, exercise and sport are a huge part of many peoples lives, and are vital to long-term health and general well being. Exoskeletons have not been traditionally connected with sports performance, but our exoskeletons can be used for advanced sports analysis, skill training and all types of monitoring, coupled with VR the potential for exoskeletons are enormous.


We can walk between places, carry things, drive cars, play with people and do many other activities in daily living. This is mostly taken for granted, a huge number of people worldwide struggle with all of these, some through old age, and others through disease, accident, or genetics. Through assistive exoskeleton technology in health care, we can help everyone in daily living. After injury people need to regain muscle strength and this form of rehabilitation has huge potential for exoskeletons.


We can perform useful physical labour with an enormous variety of applications. We can carry bricks, adjust tools, change wheels on trucks, stack shelves, tend for animals, farm and work in countless dangerous environments. All of these areas can be improved with industrial exoskeletons to boost strength and stamina, or allow workers to carry out tasks safely.


Telepresence is available in a limited way with screens and cameras. There are the same problems as with VR – a lack of immersion, or perhaps a lack in this case of true tele-presence. Our exoskeletons allow the full body to be sensed, and thus transported tele-operationally to a new place and interact there, either virtually, or with the use of other interfaces.


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