AgileVR - True immersion using an exoskeleton locomotion system with inside-out tracking and haptic feedback, naturally move though your Virtual Realities.


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Tracking Quality - Sensors and processing

AgileVR uses an array of sensors in each unit for the measurement of the user’s leg movement. Parameters such as angular position, velocity and acceleration are all gathered. The patent pending design for the sensors and a high precision engineered joint, allows the knee joint angular position to be measured to 1/65536th of a degree.

Our processor can run up to 2MHz, providing super low latency and a high volume of data for the algorithm to predict the motion of the user. AgileVR will run at a lower rate to increase battery life and extend gameplay time.

This kind of tracking would be classed as inside out tracking. As no external sensors our required.

Wireless Capabilities - Bluetooth 5.0

The AgileVR is a wireless device, allowing for a completely untethered immersive experience. It works with Bluetooth 5.0, allowing for the communication of our device to be received by the PC with negligible latency.

The wireless communication also allows for the Agile system to be expanded in the future with more wireless modules.

Comfort and Durability - foams and strap system

AgileVR has been developed over two years and backed up with a further eight years of exoskeleton research, to be ergonomically sound. Using percentile data for human sizes and shapes, the ergonomics of the product have been optimised to be comfortable for different forms.

The materials chosen are designed to maximise user comfort. The Polyurethane foam provides a soft impact resistant pad for contact areas and has a contoured texture to provide grip, positioning the product correctly during use.

A straightforward strap system has been constructed to minimise the time required to put on and remove the product. The strap attachment is a simple, moulded hook and loop feature which provides an incredibly strong shear force resistance during gameplay, but can be peeled off easily when finished.

Software, Firmware and Development

AgileVR has custom developed firmware which can be updated wirelessly. Providing an easy solution for users to get the latest features and minimising downtime. As well as bespoke firmware, it has a support software, easily installed on windows PC’s. The application has many features such as custom controller key binds, calibration, live data visualisation, parameter settings for sensitivity and access to the library of existing games on Steam and Oculus Home or can launch games directly from your own PC.

The software is constantly updated, bringing new features online frequently. These updates may be bug fixes, more compatibility with hardware and new games when they are released.

The need for Crowdfunding

Mechatech require your help to get AgileVR to the market. The product has been prototyped extensively and put out to the public, for community feedback. However, Mechatech doesn’t have the capabilities to bring the product to market in a large scale. This is where you, the backers, are essential.   A successful campaign will provide the means for Mechatech to afford high quality injection moulds for mass production. It will help develop our software to make sure every headset and controller can be compatible with our device. It will help fund development on the algorithm and machine learning capabilities of our motion detection. It will also help fund the SDK for developers to bring you new VR immersive experience using the technology in our product to the best of it’s potential.

Further to this, it will allow Mechatech to start development on further modules of the Agile system, bringing you a full motion capture exoskeleton.

What’s the difference?

After creating the early version of AgileVR and then listening to the community feedback. Mechatech have reengineered the product to deliver the best immersive experience possible!

Check out our Blog post > to see all the key differences made.

Compatible games

Below is a list of expanding games which the AgileVR is compatible with. This is a expanding list and further demo videos will be added.


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