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Level up your VR experience

Move onto the next stage of VR with the AgileVR exoskeleton

AgileVR is a revolutionary wearable exoskeleton which uses an array of sensors to directly track your motion and input this into your Virtual Reality experiences. The sensors allow for intuitive natural locomotion within VR.

Whether you want to walk, run or crawl the AgileVR can control the movement of your game.

Simply strap the exoskeleton to your legs and start moving on the spot, the device works alongside your existing VR games machine and headset. No external tracking is required as this is an inside out tracking device which connects to your PC via a USB cable.

Therefore, no occlusion problems, minimal latency and simple setup.

With this new technology we are also developing a range of interactive experiences, which cannot be achieved with existing approaches. AgileVR immerses your legs into the game world in a way that has not been done before.

"Highly recommended, it removed the motion sickness I have with normal VR teleportation and felt much more real!"
"I've never seen something quite like this before."
"This is a game changer"


VR locomotion exoskeleton for improved natural motion and immersion within VR experiences and games.

Choice of strap colour at checkout, includes free postage.

Package includes Agile VR and 5m USB cable, plus driver software and support.

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Product includes 30 day money back guarantee, and 12 months guarantee.

Immersive Experiences

To truly be immersed in Virtual Reality, users need to interact with the virtual world as naturally as possible.

AgileVR allows users to walk, run or perform other locomotion movements naturally and without interference.

AgileVR is a comfortable exoskeleton which can track the orientation and rotation of the legs without breaking immersion.

Direct input of this data into your PC means very low latency feedback from the user input of motion being turned into motion within the VR experience.

Full body Virtual Avatars with Legs

AgileVR has the ability to track the motion of your legs, specifically the orientation of your upper leg, knee and lower leg. This data can be mapped onto a human Avatar in VR, allowing your legs to be accurately represented in the virtual space.

Current home VR is limited to your hands and head, so AgileVR brings in the possibility of using your whole body in games.

‍This brings a new way of interacting with VR from kicking a ball to practicing Tai Chi.

AgileVR increases the range of VR interactions and immersion.

Sensor Fusion for Real-Time Motion Capture

Mechatech have developed a robust set of sensors to capture motion over the last 3 years.

Each leg independently tracks rotation and orientation of the upper and lower parts of the limb.

An embedded microprocessor makes sure the real-time data captured by these sensors can be interpreted and streamed quickly for very low lag in game play.

An LED status bar indicates whether the product is receiving power from a USB connection. This connection, whilst not wireless, provides a stable, reliable connection to the PC. This reduces latency and allows uninterrupted data streaming.

No more drop outs, no more lag only the best immersive experience possible.

Comfort & Precision

Extensive research has been conducted into developing the exoskeleton to be as comfortable and accurate as possible.

Bio-mechanical percentiles and 3D scans have allowed for an accurate representation of the knee with 3D CAD software meaning the placement of the exoskeleton joints, straps and buckles have been optimized for comfort across a wide range of sizes.

Polyurethane moulded foams and elasticated strapping provide soft interfaces to the users legs, which improves the comfort of the product. This in turn increases playtime and useability of the device.

Choose your Style

Make AgileVR your own with a choice of custom strap colours at checkout.

Stand out from the crowd with a strap which suits you!

Further style options will become available for the exoskeleton frame.


Purpose built software drivers offer easy installation and straightforward SteamVR and Oculus compatibility. Other major headsets such as Pimax and Valve Index are also compatible. This software is in continuous development, with existing customers getting new enhanced features when they are available.

We are increasing our list of compatible games, but any free-roaming worlds with smooth motion input should be compatible.
Sophisticated data interpretation and collection has been developed to bring smooth and reliable locomotion to your VR experiences.

Our algorithm can detect:

- Forward                                        - Backwards
- Strafe Right                                - Strafe Left
- Jump                                              - Crouch

This allows for immersive control of locomotion during gameplay, with the ability to maintain small natural movements in Room scale VR, so you can explore as freely as naturally as possible. HTC VIVE user's will be able to benefit from the 3rd party USB port to reduce number of wires.

Our bespoke software application has a range of features, such as calibration, live data visualisation and a library of existing games installed on your PC. Our application can be used to open and run any of these games or from Steam and Oculus home.


Compatible games

Below is a list of expanding games which the AgileVR is compatible with. This is a expanding list and further demo videos will be added.


Designed and Manufactured in the UK

All AgileVR products are designed and built in the UK near Manchester.

A dedicated team of highly skilled engineers and who have designed and developed this product as a team, are now bringing it to production.

Many UK suppliers and manufacturers have been used to make our custom electronics and hardware.

In-house moulding processes have been developed to go from prototype to production ready parts in a small period of time.

AgileVR is handmade to order by a highly experienced team to ensure consistency and to minimise imperfections.


Included Modules
- 2 knee modules left and right
- tethered between modules
- tethered to games machine via USB cable

Motion Captured
- knee flexion angle, speed, acceleration
- upper leg orientation, speed, acceleration
- lower leg orientation, speed, acceleration

Power Supply
- 5.0V Direct from USB

VR Requirements

- Must be used with compatible headsets through Steam and Oculus.

PC requirements/connection
- VR capable PC
- Windows 10
- SteamVR/Oculus Home
- Compatible headset
- USB A 2.0 port
-HTC VIVE 3rd party USB port

- 5M USB type C USB A 2.0 cable (included)


- Software application supplied
- Windows installation support
- Adjustable parameters
- continual updates


Comfort & Wearability
- adjustable strapping system which can be easily altered for a wide range of sizes
- alternative straps can be provided
- comfortable foam on upper and lower leg
- elastic straps

VR Gameplay
- comfortable for extended periods of use
- no wifi or bluetooth connections to setup
- cable management system to minimise interface of wire during game play
- no charging for unlimited play time

Controller & Immersion Capabilities
- provides intuitive locomotion during VR games and experiences
- reduction in motion sickness
- maps physical legs to virtual legs for virtual visualisation and interactions in VR
- controllable full body avatars
- no occlusion due to inside-out tracking technology

Multiple sensors
- ability to track angular position, orientation, acceleration and gyroscopic data
- high accuracy and reliability


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