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This module is under development, and will be shipped in Q3 2021 once development is complete. Agreeing to an advance purchase means your product will be shipped first on completion. This module is available in left and right versions, please specify at checkout. Once purchased you will be kept informed of developments. Should you wish to cancel your payment can be returned any time.


Locomotion solved in VR

In Virtual Reality you can move at room-scale, or you can move via your joypad or teleport. All of these methods limit your sense of immersion in the game and freedom to move, whilst also often causing motion sickness. AgileVR senses the movements of your legs when walking on the spot, and turns this into movement in the game – for example walking forwards, left or right. This also reduces the feeling of motion sickness, and after a short time becomes very natural and intuitive.


Immersive experiences

To truly be immersed in Virtual Reality, users need to interact with the virtual world as naturally as possible.

AgileVR allows users to walk, run or perform other locomotion movements naturally and without interference.

AgileVR is a comfortable exoskeleton which can track the orientation and rotation of the legs without breaking immersion.

Direct input of this data into your PC means very low latency feedback from the user input of motion being turned into motion within the VR experience.

Tracking Quality
Sensors and processing

AgileVR uses an array of sensors in each unit for the measurement of the user’s leg movement. Parameters such as angular position, velocity and acceleration are all gathered. The patent pending design for the sensors and a high precision engineered joint, allows the knee joint angular position to be measured to 1/65536th of a degree.

Our processor can run up to 2MHz, providing super low latency and a high volume of data for the algorithm to predict the motion of the user. AgileVR will run at a lower rate to increase battery life and extend gameplay time.

This kind of tracking would be classed as inside out tracking. As no external sensors our required.

Wireless Capabilities
Bluetooth 5.0

The AgileVR is a wireless device, allowing for a completely untethered immersive experience. It works with Bluetooth 5.0, allowing for the communication of our device to be received by the PC with negligible latency.

The wireless communication also allows for the Agile system to be expanded in the future with more wireless modules.

Comfort and Durability
foams and strap system

AgileVR has been developed over two years and backed up with a further eight years of exoskeleton research, to be ergonomically sound. Using percentile data for human sizes and shapes, the ergonomics of the product have been optimised to be comfortable for different forms.

The materials chosen are designed to maximise user comfort. The Polyurethane foam provides a soft impact resistant pad for contact areas and has a contoured texture to provide grip, positioning the product correctly during use.

A straightforward strap system has been constructed to minimise the time required to put on and remove the product. The strap attachment is a simple, moulded hook and loop feature which provides an incredibly strong shear force resistance during gameplay, but can be peeled off easily when finished.

Designed and Manufactured in the UK

All AgileVR products are designed and built in the UK near Manchester.
A dedicated team of highly skilled engineers and who have designed and developed this product as a team, are now bringing it to production.
Many UK suppliers and manufacturers have been used to make our custom electronics and hardware.
In-house moulding processes have been developed to go from prototype to production ready parts in a small period of time.
AgileVR is handmade to order by a highly experienced team to ensure consistency and to minimise imperfections.